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The Open-Source Bitcoin ATM

A place to talk about modding and tweaking Skyhook Bitcoin ATM, a unilateral open-source project based out of Portland, Oregon.

I received my Project Skyhook Bitcoin ATM. Here's a few pictures of the unboxing and a short video demonstration...

I will be using this ATM for my club, the Penn State University Bitcoin Club, to make it easier for students to purchase bitcoin on campus.
Demonstration Video:
One of the big goals of the club is to promote bitcoin for philanthropic purposes. We've just launched our first campaign to help fund a medical treatment for a fellow bitcoiner. You can read more about his story and our campaign here:
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Unboxing and Demo of the Project Skyhook Bitcoin ATM

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Opensource Bitcoin ATM by Project Skyhook (demo and review)

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how to sell project skyhook atm /r/Bitcoin

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New Peer4commit Project - Fork Skyhook, the open-source sub-$1000.00 Bitcoin ATM for Peercoin!

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Skyhook ATM project dead? /r/Bitcoin

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Project Skyhook Announces Shipment of 150th Bitcoin ATM

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PSA: Our Skyhook ATM in San Diego didn't catch a bogus $100 bill

We were hit yesterday and we have since shut down the machines. If you know of anyone else operating a Skyhook please pass this message on. I've notified Jon at Project Skyhook and will update this post as I get more information.
Steven Michaels
UPDATE 1-18-15: Pyramid Acceptors reached out to me and provide a firmware update which is now working correctly. Our machines will be back up this week. I recommend all Skyhook operators visit their site and download the firmware update.
Also, Jon at Project Skyhook did respond to my last email.
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Skyhook Bitcoin ATM Creator Answers r/Bitcoin's Questions

My name is Jon Hannis. I am the creator of the Skyhook Bitcoin ATM. ( //
Hello Bitcoin.
Having witnessed the hype, deception and closed practices of many bitcoin businesses that have come and gone over the past few years, I believe that it is in a responsible bitcoin company's best interest to be open wherever possible and never take pre-orders from their customers.
I created Project Skyhook with this in mind.
It's the reason why we quietly developed, opened our source, and were ready to ship before Project Skyhook took any orders.
We've now shipped over 150 units worldwide in the span of less than 3 months. Go team!
Scaling now out of the way, our goal is to have at least 1,000 of our units in the field by the end of 2014.
Units are in stock for USD, CAD and EUR with more on the way.
Don't have the BTC but want one anyway? All our source code is available at and you can build your own.
One thing that sets us apart from many bitcoin businesses: our main incentive is to see bitcoin succeed. We've set our sights on solving the problem of bitcoin acquisition.
Interested in being a part of the solution? Join us on our github (we accept pull requests) or over at /projectskyhook.
I'll be around for the remainder of the day to take questions and respond to comments.
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Let's Decentralise the World and Make World Crypto Network a Distributed Autonomous Organisation

Decentralise the World

EDIT 2014-08-01 See also pierebel0 Seed the Chain
Please read this carefully and be forthcoming with your views. It’s important to the future of World Crypto Network.
As many of you may know pierebel0 (Nick) and I have been working on an idea and since then we have been putting together diagrams and a plan.
Basically we want to get open source software to regions of the world that have poor internet connectivity and are in need of most financial innovation. This would be like an airdrop of items including:
Nick's initial idea was to produce a list of villages and towns ranked by bandwidth and we would then give each place a Bitcoin donation address.
We could use a map of the world using the open source CoinMap. A page on the World Crypto Net website called Join the Revolution. Members of the audience, hosts of the show and any willing participants in the global campaign can sign up and put themselves on the map.
We could then setup a Bitcoin Wallet in Armory and assign a Bitcoin address for every viable village and town in the world.
Our audience will be invited to vote on which town or village they wanted as to do an Open Source Airdrop on by sending bitcoins to that address. Each donation would be like a vote. We would set targets on each location based on the most cost effective way of delivering it and then let the market decide what order we should go in. We would probably want to weight it to regions that had the most potential to benefit from the project.

World Crypto Network as a DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organisation)

Now the next question that came up is how to handle the funds responsibly?
Up until now people have just trusted Thom and I and sent us money. But if we are going to practice what we preach in this brave new community then what better opportunity to try out a DAO. Recently I reinstalled Bitcoin Armory to try out the new Multisig and multipart paper backup features and I suggest the following process for discussion:
  1. Live Town Hall meeting on Youtube with plenty of advance warning with members of our audience who have followed us up until now to discuss the election process of 7 people who will be custodians of Bitcoin Armory Wallet.
Key decisions will be things like: * How the election should take place? * Using the block chain as a clock on which Bitcoin Block should it commence? e.g. the election takes place at block height #312,020
Once elected each person is given a number at random.
  1. A custodian of the funds is selected at random using the first number in the Bitcoin nonce at block #312,017 between 1 and 7. This way none of the elected 7 will know if they are going to be in charge. This should filter out any power hungry psychopaths as mostly they want control right now and not leave it to chance. We want any would be dictator to self-deselect themselves from this process.
  2. That custodian then produces an Armory wallet consisting of a 5 of 7 paper backup. Each elected member is given one each and the custodian keeps the master copy. In order for the wallet to be restored and funds to be spendable you would need 5 people out of the seven to collude or join together in protest against the custodian.
Everyone, the audience and elected 7 included are encouraged to publish their raw public keys (in hex, not the normal address) so that we can create ad hoc multi-sig wallets with one another on a project by project basis.
I would also like to include the ability for the audience to become hosts and participants and even allow them to seize the funds by co-operating with members of the elected 7. This would mean dividing up 1 of the 7 root keys in to smaller junks like with a multiple encrypted zip file or something.

Thoughts and things to consider:

What I particularly like about splitting up the keys is that we could even engineer it to make sure that no more than 2 members of staff are elected per country. That way no single authority could shut down the World Crypto Network.
It’s also important to note that the elected staff and random custodian are just admin staff. Everyone’s a leader at WCN and the role of the people at the top is to give the people at the bottom everything they need to get their job done. All the custodian is doing it making sure the web hosting is paid for and that the donations get sent to the right people.
Individuals within the organisation are still responsible for their own projects and fundraising. None of the elected 7 can stop you from soliciting money for your hard work. But they might come in handy if you want to set up a project for a 3rd party like Let’s get Nepal on a Meshnet and you would like to setup a 2 of 3 multisig wallet of which one of them could be the custodian. This would lend you credibility when you market your project and make people more likely to donate.
We could also not bother with the initial election and just self appoint the first 7 people and just rotate the duties every 15,000 blocks.
Also Thornbreaker (Jamie Nelson) mentioned that we should come up with a manifesto. I think this is a good idea and we could do it on Github or a Wiki.
Thank-you for your time, I look forward to your reading thoughts.
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PSA: Our Skyhook ATM in San Diego accepted a Bogus $100 bill

We were hit yesterday and we have since shut down the machines. If you know of anyone else operating a Skyhook please pass this message on. I've notified Jon at Project Skyhook and will update this post as I get more information.
Steven Michaels
EDIT 1/14/15: I'm still working to resolve this issue. I've left several message with Jon Hannis but have not heard back yet. To their credit, Pyramid Technologies has reached out to me and we are working with them to try and figure out what happened. Regarding questions about the bill: It was a photocopy, the paper wasn't right, and the watermark of Ben Franklin's face was printed predominantly. It was not the newest version of the $100 bill but the one before (1996 date).
EDIT #2 on 1/14/15: I just heard back from Jon Hannis and he, too, is waiting for a solution from Pyramid Technologies. I will update again as soon as I have more information.
UPDATE 1-18-15: Pyramid Acceptors reached out to me and provide a firmware update which is now working correctly. Our machines will be back up this week. I recommend all Skyhook operators visit their site and download the firmware update.
Also, Jon at Project Skyhook responded to my last email and indicated that he was also waiting for the update from Pyramid.
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Various Bitcoin "ATMs" with KYC/AML aspects briefly listed. (22 brands)

Bitcoin "ATMs" (AKA vending machines/kiosks/branches/BTMs/CTMs) continue to spread around the planet. Here is a current snap-shot of most of the manufacturers with some further information about their products.
Just as operators of various machines may decide on what colour or graphics the machine has, operators may also have optional Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) features at their disposal. Companies like BitPay, Coinjar, Kraken, Mt Gox (did), Bitstamp, Coinbase etc require your ID. Our face is the biometric most commonly used by people and governments alike for ID. Fingerprints are less commonly utilised as a biometric ID by governments. Banks commonly use our face as a biometric ID.
1W=cash to bitcoin (one way). 2W=cash or CC to bitcoin and the reverse, "Cash out" (two ways)
AML aspects would typically include daily transaction amount limits. Operators may set AML limits on their machines.
Here is one apparent operators thoughts: (I hope re-posting is OK)
"I operate a Lamassu kiosk and while the manufacturer has recently developed software enhancements to comply with KYC/AML regulations, I have chosen not to implement them. Yeah, my ass is on the line here, but I've used the Robocoin machine and felt it was very intrusive. I like the idea of anonymity and I don't want to have to keep records of my customers' identities and monitor their private transactions. That's not Satoshi's way, nor is it mine. So far, I'm operating well under the radar and I'm not very worried about it (though some attorneys have warned me that I am taking a huge risk by following this path). I have a FinCen license, but there are no final state licensing regulations (yet), so until they tell me what I have to do to stay out of jail, I will continue to operate my machine as it was shipped, without collecting personal information from the users. The only "compliance" feature I've turned on so far is a maximum transaction limit of $500 USD. This is partly to avoid having to file Suspicious Activity Reports, but mainly to keep me from running out of bitcoins on a daily basis." - by Magg0tt
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Success with Raspberry Pi 3 and Blockchain API v2

I managed to get my Skyhook running on a Raspberry Pi 3 and it is successfully using the new Blockchain API v2 via the blockchain-wallet-service. The send-bitcoin process via the v2 service on the Pi3 takes only about 5 seconds. Not too bad at all.
Although it may be possible to image a MicroSD card with the contents of the regular Pi1 SD card, I opted to start from a fresh Rasbian Jessie (non-lite) install and start assembling the pieces from there.
After the usual Raspberry Pi setup procedures (expand filesystem, configure to boot to console, apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade etc etc)... here is a list the things I needed to address to get everything working. Please note I assembled this list through a lot of trial and error and had to backtrack a few times. I tried to keep track of just what was necessary but it is possible I missed some items from my notes below.
I mounted my original skyhook SD card via USB on my Pi3 so I could copy across files as needed. Whenever copying files, keep the permissions and ownership etc (cp -a) Also, when copying over config files, keep the original if possible. Sometimes handy to reference.
Install needed packages
Compare your old and new /vacache/apt/archives and start filling in the missing pieces. I started with php5, php5-mcrypt, apache2 etc. etc. I didn't try to duplicate those lists... just installed the obviously needed ones.
Main skyhook web directory
Copy your /vawww/btc dir across to the new pi.
Configure PHP
Copy /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini across and comment out (with semicolons) the 5 lines related to 'apc' at the bottom. I tried installing the library and ran into problems and found elsewhere that apc isn't really necessary anymore (?) with more recent php.
Configure Apache
Copy your /etc/apache2/sites-available/skyhook config file across to the new pi and add a symbolic link from the site-enabled (and remove the link for the default one). Note that you need to name the file with a .conf extension now. So name it "sites-available/skyhook.conf" and symbolically link it with the same name.
The mod-rewrite module needs to be enabled. Create the necessary symbolic link in mods-enabled to the mods-available dir.
Restart apache2.
Setup MySQL
Copy across the database dir to new pi: /valib/mysql/skyhook/
You also need to copy across ibdata1, ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1 from the /valib/mysql directory.
Change ownership of all those files to mysql:mysql if they aren't already.
Restart mysql.
Add the "skyhook" mysql user with skyhook DB permsissions with empty password. Run "mysql" as root. > GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON skyhook.* To 'skyhook'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY ''; > FLUSH privileges;
Bill Scanner
The bill-scanner driver gets executed during the purchase stage and is executed as used "www-data". The original setup would modify the ownership of /dev/ttyUSB0 at bootup so that www-data could access it. This doesn't seem to work anymore on Jessie and the device remains with root:dialout ownership. So, instead, I just added www-data to the dialout group.
$ sudo usermod -a -G dialout www-data 
The python script also needs the "pycrypto" library.
$ sudo apt-get install python-crypto 
Temp ramfs directory
When you boot your Skyhook and type your admin password, the decrypted blockchain credentials (etc) are stored in a ramfs mount /tmp_disk
Create the directory as root then add the following to /etc/rc.local to properly setup the ramfs at boot (add it just above the exit 0):
/bin/mount -t ramfs -o size=32m,rw,uid=pi,gid=www-data,discard,user ramfs /tmp_disk /bin/chown pi:www-data -R /tmp_disk /bin/chmod 0770 /tmp_disk 
Blockchain API v2 wallet service
Install the wallet service as per:
I needed a newer version of nodejs and npm than is provided in the Jessie repo. Use this:
The addition of the new blockchain v2 api_key needs to be integrated into the php files. I don't have my changes documented so will need to add that in a comment later. Sorry.
To have the wallet service run at bootup I added the following to my /etc/rc.local file (again, somewhere above the "exit 0"):
cd /tmp # needed so nohup can output its nohup.out logfile /sbin/runuser www-data --shell=/bin/sh -c "/usbin/nohup /usbin/blockchain-wallet-service start &" 
I opted to have the service run as "www-data".
The Pi will have two network interfaces. The ethernet plug (eth0) and the Nexus wifi (usb0). Jessie does networking slightly differently. See:
In /etc/network/interfaces I commented out the wlan0 and wlan1 sections, set the eth0 interface to 'manual' and added a new interface line for the Nexus usb0 interface.
iface usb0 inet manual 
With those interfaces set to 'manual' in there, you now need to configure them in /etc/dhcpcd.conf The eth0 will default to dhcp but I added the following lines to the bottom of the file for usb0:
interface usb0 static ip_address= static routers= static domain_name_servers= 
And that was it!
Along the way I found the following logs useful for diagnosing errors:
Not sure how alive Project Skyhook is anymore but I hope this is useful for some people. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.
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Thinking of building a BTM with a Raspberry Pi.

Got myself a Raspberry Pi B+ last week, and tinkering around with it I thought why not try to make a Bitcoin ATM with it? Looking around I see Skyhook is an open source BTM project with parts I can probably acquire for around $500. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Unboxing and Demo of the Project Skyhook Bitcoin ATM Skyhook Prototype - First Look

Skyhook is new to the bitcoin ATM-scape but is already interesting many with its first project – the first ever portable, open-source bitcoin ATM machine, with prices starting at $999. Introducing the Next Generation of Bitcoin ATMs Say hello to Skyhook - the first $999, open source commercial Bitcoin ATM for everyone. It's shipping, right now. Now you can be a Bitcoin exchange. It used to be hard to sell Bitcoins, a problem that's been holding back Bitcoin adoption for years. We were tired of depending on centralized banks and exchanges for buying Bitcoins. About: UPDATE: Project Skyhook is no longer a reliable product. Company has shut down its activity in beginning of 2015. Newly ordered machines were not delivered to customers. Software is not supported anymore. Many operators tried to develop their own software in order to continue to use machines. Original software+hardware is quite buggy. Not recommended as a bitcoin ATM. Project Skyhook - The $999 Bitcoin ATM 1. Bitcoin Decentralization FTW Kyle Drake 2. Why this slide deck looks terrible: 3. Our Goals: 4. 1) To make it easier to get Bitcoins 5. 2) To improve the Bitcoin space for everyone 6. We see improving decentralization as our best way to contribute. 7. How to build a Project Skyhook Bitcoin ATM. Function: Cash to Bitcoin in seconds. Cost to Build: Approx $500. Cost to Purchase: $999 – Available Here. Claim to Fame: The worlds first open-source Bitcoin ATM. Bill of Materials: We havent been able to source the exterior shell for this yet but we are working to figure it out. – APEX 7600 bill acceptor – This model accepts $1- $100 bills ...

[index] [16555] [27539] [14851] [24184] [35683] [20478] [4725] [47674] [35083] [16721]

Unboxing and Demo of the Project Skyhook Bitcoin ATM

A quick look at the Project Skyhook Bitcoin Machine Prototype. The first sub-$1000 bitcoin machine. Let the competition commence! This is in our retail store, that is soon to open. We are one of the first if not the first store in Idaho to have a Bitcoin ATM (correct me if I am wrong). This type of innovation will put ...