Scaling Bitcoin Workshops - Transcripts

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Physical scaling limits. Probably the three big ones are, there's first the demand for blockchain or wanting to use bitcoin more. I think more people want to use bitcoin. Most of the world does not have access to property rights. There's a lot of pent up demand for something like bitcoin. Bitcoin is $100 billion and offshore banking is $20 ... I think the best way to do that is to start about what this talk can do for you. This talk is going to be about signature schemes that allow signatures to be compressed in size, which will save space on the bitcoin blockchain and allow more transactions to get in the blockchain. You guys all know what bitcoin transactions look like. There are ... If we want external state to cause something to happen in bitcoin, then we need something called na oracle. People have been looking at this for a while. A simple one is 2-of-3 multisig. I'll show you why discreet log contract is better. It's just 2-of-2, that means the conflict between the two parties freezes the funds forever. So they both put in 0.5 coin, and based on the weather they want ... Bitcoin in 2008 used ECDSA because that was the only standardized elliptic curve. In 2011, Ed25519 was standardized by djb which is essentially a very close group. Schnorr signatures are not an established standard. ECDSA is documented in ways that exactly specify all the math that have to happen. How to serialize the signatures, how to serialize the public keys and what each bit exactly means ... We're at Scaling Bitcoin so you're probably not suprised that I think bitcoin has scaling issues. It's a decentralized data structure called blockchain where we store every transaction that happens. Visa has a higher transaction rate and yet uses an entirely different system so this indicates that bitcoin is broken. There are various solutions proposed such as on-chain consensus tweaks, DAGs ...

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