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[WTS] Exceptional 2011 one BTC Casascius coin! Bid: 5.0BTC, deadline Monday.

I have a special 1 BTC 2011 S1 Casascius coin for sale. Of all my coins, it is the one in the best condition.
I bought it in 2011, only ten days after it was minted: 15YZZSp4
It was a birthday present for my brother-in-law, a mathematician and numismatic. Now he wants to exchange it for 'real bitcoins' (which bears some irony..).
The coin was in its protective case all the time, today was the only time since 2011 the case was opened for the photos.
The coin is in mint state. You can see mirror-like reflections here.
A good view of the surface. It was never cleaned, wiped, dusted or anything.
It is completely scratch free.
Hologram and printing in perfect condition. I must admit there's a spelling error, though.
I planned to have it ANACS graded, as it would score one of the top grades. They never replied to my inquiry, and I won't risk several coins without confirmation of full-value insured shipping internationally.
I sell it for my brother-in-law, all is handled and decided by me bare the decision if the offered price is acceptable. Depending on who the buyer is, I will ship first or insist on payment first or an escrow. I can provide the exact date and name of who received the shipping from Mike, I got this coin the same day it arrived here.
This might turn out as an incredible investment. The until-now highest graded coin, a first-day with MS-67 grade, sold for 50 bitcoins. Buy this one here, send it to ANACS, and it's market value might go up anywhere from two to ten times.
Starting bid was 4.6 bitcoins.
The deadline for bidding is Monday 11:59pm UTC.
Current bid on Bitcointalk is 5.0 BTC.
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