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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 170 - DOGE4DOGE - Very Much Wow!

Hey all! GoodShibe here!
With all of the work that we've put into our DOGEconomy, on getting people out there and working for and earning Dogecoin, sometimes it's good to pause and recognize those who have already been hard at work doing exactly that.
Very Much Wow is, to my knowledge, the only Print and online Dogecoin Magazine. I write a monthly column for them (around 800 words or so) but one of the reasons I agreed to do so (I've turned down many opportunities to write for other publications) is that I really respect the owneeditor, Birdie (1923and1939).
A passionate advocate for Dogecoin, a fantastic artist (she does much of the, frankly, stunning, art for the mag herself) and a true Shibe, Birdie has been paying Shibes out of her own pocket for months now, auctioning things off on eBay and more to keep the Magazine in the black.
It's truly a labor of love and that's why, today - as Issue number 3 launches in print and online - I want to give this month's fantastic effort a big feature spot of its own and tell you why you should not be missing out on VMW.
You can read Issue #1 online here.
And Issue #2 online here.
There's also an online-only publication called Between The Moons, which you can read here.
As you can see, these are amazing, professional-level works that truly make you say 'WOW' when you look at them (let alone hold them...! A PRINTED Dogecoin Magazine... very cool).
And this month, Birdie has chased down an incredible interview that I think you're all going to want to read.
For July's feature article she sat down for an interview with Andreas Antonopoulos, of Bitcoin fame, and in it he states, flat out, that Bitcoin will NOT be used as the day to day shopping coin in the future; it will be the save-for-your-retirement coin.
Yes folks, that's in print!
There will also be an excellent article by Dr. Robert E. McGrath who goes into detail on the kinds of communities that surround Bitcoin/Dogecoin and other coins.
You can read an earlier interview with him, from June's edition, here.
This month, Very Much Wow brought on 3 more Monthly Columnists bringing the total number to 13 regulars, all paid in DOGE and working hard to bring a fun, independent view of the community to the world.
It's an overall fantastic effort and I really believe that this Magazine is not only a must-read for us Shibes, but it's a fantastic tool to help spread Dogecoin out into the world and get people looking into it for themselves.
Very Much Wow, indeed!
It's 8:51AM EST and we're at 84.56% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is down slightly from ~62 to ~59 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is also down from ~1026 to ~931.
As always, I appreciate your support!
Want to hire a Shibe for Dogecoin? Check out our BOOTSTRAP SERVICE ECONOMY
Shibes helping Shibes and more!
If you'd like your name or business added to this list, please let me know in the comments!
Dogecoin Projects
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What happens when you're selling legal goods on an illegal marketplace?

I'm curious what y'all think. This is in reference to this case here.
There's a man in the UK petitioning to have his seized Bitcoins returned to him. He operates a website selling legal, but drug-related items like bongs, rolling papers, etc.
At some point, he decided to sell products on the infamous Silk Road tor site. For those who aren't aware, this site was sort of a black market ebay, operating through the Tor network. Anyone could create a profile on there and sell any goods they desired. It became a one stop shop for every kind of illegal mind-altering substance known to man.
Well the law finally caught up with the site's operator, and he's now in prison facing an endless list of federal charges. The federal government shut down the site and seized all of the Bitcoins stored in the site's accounts. They're planning to auction them off to the highest bidder.
Most people with merchant accounts on that site have been smart enough to just write it off as a loss and hope the feds don't rope them up as well. But not Peter Ward. He is petitioning to get his coins back. He argues that the goods he offered for sale were perfectly legal, and he simply chose to sell them on the Silk Road because there was high demand there.
What do y'all think? He's selling goods that are apparently legal in his home country of England, but he's operating on a site where the vast, vast majority of products for sale were highly illegal. Additionally, I'm curious if there are any problems he might face if he sold some of these goods over the net to people in locations where they are not legal.
So, should this self-described "cybertechnohippy" get his Bitcoins back?
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[WTS][UK] VW T25 Transporter, 2.1 Petrol, 5 Speed, Twin Slider, Tin Top

Anyone have any suggestions to add to the auction description to get people to investigate bitcoin? currently I have only put weusecoins.com
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