G Maxwell is the Only Reason Bitcoin has Survived to this ...

Gregory Maxwell (lead bitcoin dev) feels "betrayed" by Mt. Gox press release, responds to it

Quote from IRC:
<@gmaxwell> I feel betrayed. The press release is misleading with the whole presentation of it being a new issues. I spent a lot of effort figuring out the issues mtgox was having and poking them in the right direction.
Longer statement here: http://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/2014/02/10/mt-gox-blames-bitcoin-core-developer-greg-maxwell-responds/
EDIT: Greg Maxwell discusses transaction malleability further: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_name=CAAS2fgTx8UzQiocyNMfMNkt2uUZRTmhagb2BY9TPuAupVjVa2g%40mail.gmail.com&forum_name=bitcoin-development
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Can we add specific flair to major Bitcoiners in this subreddit for awareness?

It seems like a pretty easy change to make, and one that wouldn't be incredibly visible or obnoxious to most users. It would prevent things like this:
Where I both look like an idiot and slow the conversation down with my lack of knowledge. Identifying people like gmaxwell, unless they mind, seems purely helpful. It comes with several benefits--preventing spoofing, reduced spam of people commenting to identify earlier participants, increased awareness of important figures.
I think as a community there are a few groups of people we want everyone to know when they comment. For example:
I'm not sure how Reddit's moderating system works in this instance. I believe the Mods can only assign flair to a user, but not force them to display it. If that's accurate, this seems like a useful thing to do--it ensures that if these notables want to be recognized when posting, they can be, and if not, they don't have to be excessively conspicuous. In that thread with gmaxwell (nullc) it would've cut down on comment spam a decent amount--there were maybe 10 comments pointing out who he was, and while it's a minor problem, we should always be looking to cut down on noise if possible.
Beyond adding flair to those classes of people, which seems like a purely positive idea, I'm also interested in what people would think of a less restrictive flair system. I'm imagining a system that would either allow users to set their own flair as they wish (within reason) or allow the mods to grant flair requests as they feel appropriate. This would help smaller Bitcoin-related businesses/services/content providers get their name out to commenters in this subreddit. As someone in that category myself I'm obviously incredibly biased on this idea, but I think the question is whether most users would find it annoying. Flair doesn't bother me, but I'd love to hear people's opinions on that topic--I think we can find a good way to implement this that reduces spam, doesn't create clutter, and helps identify/verify posters.
Regardless of your thoughts on that alternative suggestion, I feel most of us can agree that tagging people like gmaxwell is just helpful. Hopefully we can add that.
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A big thank you to Gregory Maxwell (/u/nullc)

I type this knowing it won't be well received. I don't care. This guy deserves my thanks. A few years ago, when I and many others discovered this thought-provoking Bitcoin concept, I raced to #bitcoin on Freenode to immerse myself in this fascinating new world of cryptography and economic innovation.
One of the first things that excited me, going to the IRC channel, was that so many of the developers on the protocol and software projects were all there—developers like Gavin Andresen, Gregory Maxwell, Jeff Garzik. This is par for the course for an open source project, so there's no reason Bitcoin would be different I suppose.
Something stood out though: this gmaxwell chap was responding to almost any question someone had about mining, the "reference client" code, or the protocol. This while continuing to hack on the reference code project and collaborate with the other devs on #bitcoin-dev. He was constantly trying out crypto ideas and giving advice on others' ideas in #bitcoin-wizards. You could tell he was an enthusiast and wanted to share this enthusiasm with others.
I quickly took advantage of Gregory's enthusiasm, picking his brains on how everything worked. I know I'm not the first person that now knows how address inputs and outputs work, how consensus is reached and other deep tidbits because Gregory took the time to explain it.
Then there's mining. Having experienced issues with mining equipment suppliers himself, he was quick to call out suppliers for hyperbole, falsehood and fraud. He was quick to let people know the risks on IRC, forums, and blogs.
Along came transaction malleability and Mt. Gox's announcements of issues related to it. Gregory was there when it happened and tried to explain to Mt. Gox how to properly account for transaction malleability. He then turned around and helped anyone who needed help understanding what was going on. He was willing to work with you getting to the bottom of the issue, whether you were completely new to Bitcoin or you were responsible for a large institution's hot wallet system.
Those anecdotes aside, thank you Gregory Maxwell for:
I'm a fan of Classic's 2MB direction and run a Classic node myself because of it, but I have to stop and give thanks to the blood, sweat and tears Gregory has put into the protocol, software, and discussion that has gotten us here.
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MtGox never lost 500,000+ bitcoins, look at the blockchain and IRC logs for proof

quiznor http://blockexplorer.com/tx/84f96975ea88d317676771a482c71f39ff53beda790c89c07ae82e427b4d090f 432K btc moved at 3:17 AM japan time
23:56 gmaxwell eianpsego: no
23:57 quiznor does anyone know whose tx that was
23:57 brocktice ius: I tried wget, I got nothing
23:57 gmaxwell 18:17 < MagicalTux> gmaxwell: someone who had read only access for the database to perform audits got compromised in some way, investigation is still in progress
23:57 luke-jr gmaxwell: I copied that idea.
23:57 eianpsego ah, I see
23:57 gmaxwell luke-jr: who from?
23:57 brocktice ooh interesting
23:57 luke-jr gmaxwell: OneFixt aka BitPenny
23:57 brocktice inside job?
23:57 brocktice that would actually make me feel better
23:57 brocktice a little
23:58 luke-jr gmaxwell: though, BitPenny was obivously compromised in a different way :P
23:58 quiznor who moved 432K BTC at 2PM EST today
23:58 Kireji has anyone got a tool that will count unique bitcoins transactions over a time interval, and not count conis that are chained through multiple transactions?
23:58 MagicalTux quiznor: me
23:59 quiznor oh makes sense MagicalTux.. i didn't know you were up at 3 AM JP time :)
23:59 MagicalTux quiznor: wasn't planning to
23:59 Kireji MagicalTux: good to know, is that the investment base on mtgox?
23:59 brocktice MT's had a lot of early mornings lately :(
23:59 dD0T luke-jr: Oh. Sweet. I loved you didn't have to register with BitPenny. What's the name/addr of your pool?
23:59 MagicalTux Kireji: it's the mtgox funds, which I moved to a secure area until things are cleared
23:59 doublec I also learned the idea from bitpenny. I thought it was an awesome approach.
23:59 MagicalTux in fact there's more than that
23:59 MagicalTux but it's hard to see from the blochain
23:59 Kireji k, thanks
23:59 ketsa if the 432k btc reached the block chain, how are they going to rollback ? i dont get it.>
Watch the Drama unfold going through the bitcoin-dev from June 11-Aug 2011
I am sure there is more damning evidence and theories that can be found in these logs, hopefully putting them here will help crowd source this effort.
Follow these supposedly lost coins through the blockchain to Mtgox's address that they use today, basically Karpeles has a large personal stash of bitcoins, he stole them, spent them and blamed it on a Bitcoin flaw, this guy is full of shit to no end.
MtGox was mainly a one man operating, if Karpeles has 200,000+ bitcoins that he owns personally, he should be held personally responsible and those coins need to be seized from him immediately to pay back his customers, regardless if they were stolen or not, its the right thing to do!
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My view on the latest events at MtGox

This is my picture of events around so-called Technical Issue in bitcoin protocol, which MtGox uses as a pretext for their ongoing BTC withdrawal block. Just for those who is not aware yet, this is a classical FUD. And already refuted by some core developers and Bitcoin Foundation.
So it started in 2011.
On 24 April 2011 the protocol specification was updated to specify that ASN1/DER encoding should be used for the transaction signature: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Protocol_specification#Signatures
On May 15, 2011, there were some concerns raised, confirmed as a known low-priority issue by Gavin Andresen: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=8392.0
Much later this known transaction malleability issue was published in wiki on 21 January 2013: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Transaction_Malleability
There is also a bit of interesting background from GMaxwell: http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/1x93tf/some_irc_chatter_about_what_is_going_on_at_mtgox/cf99yac
Malleability patches were released in 2012 and 2013: Dec 22, 2012: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/commit/bffc744444c19e25c60c8df999beb83192f96a8a Aug 15, 2013: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/commit/a81cd96805ce6b65cca3a40ebbd3b2eb428abb7b Sep 21, 2012: https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/commit/58bc86e37fda1aec270bccb3df6c20fbd2a6591c and probably other.
If you are familiar with C, look in particular at the lines with text "Non-canonical signature: R value excessively padded" message and "Non-canonical signature: S value excessively padded" - that's the ASN.1/DER encoding deviations which were present in MtGox signatures and reason why some of their transactions were rejected by nodes when format rules in reference clients were tightened.
In spite of all this development activity, as of the end of January, MtGox developers still had no clue what this "Excessive padding" error is about.
This sloppy signature format implementation was the actual reason why it was so easy to exploit this (otherwise mostly hypothetical) vulnerability with MtGox exchange, but not with other exchanges. Other exchanges implement signatures properly, so it would take a lot of luck and/or resources for the hacker to intercept the transaction, modify it and propagate throughout the network faster than the original transaction. In the latest version of the reference client, malformed transactions are rejected, and only properly formed transactions are propagated through the network. So for the hacker to pull the trick, it would indeed require to "alter the transaction fast enough, for example with a direct connection to different mining pools"; but that would be not as easy to "cause the transaction hash alteration to be committed to the blockchain" as MtGox claims in their mendacious statement. It was easy in their case though, because the hacker had all the time he needed to replay "fixed" transaction.
Also, despite false MtGox claim: "It is likely that these services will assume.. have currently no means to recognize the alternative transactions as theirs in an efficient way", other exchanges very likely don't assume, but just follow reference client and use other (efficient enough) ways to track transactions and spent outputs. MtGox assumes here that everybody else is as incompetent as they are, which is beyond my imagination.
To my knowledge (I analized https://data.mtgox.com/api/0/bitcoin_tx.php - list of "stuck" transactions published by MtGox) the oldes spent transactions which they try to re-use go as far back as 10 November 2013 (at least).
So basically since 10 of November their exchange was exploited, and they didn't even notice that. The only "flaw" in bitcoin protocols in this case are humans beings: incompetent, ignorant, complacent and dishonest.
And after all that, they decided to publish their filthy statement, blaming everybody except themselves for their own faults, and not even caring to apologise. They also want to portray themselves as heroes, who save Bitcoin from fatal flaws. Latest rumour was, that they donated 10000BTC to bitcoin foundation to push[might have misinterpreted that] pushing through a completely unnecessary patch into reference client implementation, just to prove their point.
Shame on you, MtGox.
Edit: spelling.
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So Bitcoin looks like it's this piece of perfect crystalline mathematics that will withstand a thousand years, but people don't understand the human element behind Bitcoin. They don't get it haven't met the miners, the mining pools and the developers. One of the things about Bitcoin is the early people said it was a social experiment. Today people believe that Bitcoin is the dominant ... In the last installment of Bitcoin History, Mt. Gox had just suffered its first hack in summer 2011. Less than four months later, its hapless CEO Mark Karpeles was to suffer another embarrassing episode when he wiped out a week’s takings for the bitcoin exchange. Compared to other losses Gox was to endure, this one was a drop in the ocean, and has thus been largely lost to history. The ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all ... Mt. Gox: Kraken soll bei Suche nach verschwundenen Bitcoins helfen Noch immer ist nicht klar, wo die 850.000 Bitcoins der zusammengebrochenen Börse Mt. Gox geblieben sind. Bitcoin History Part 17: That Time Mt. Gox Destroyed 2,609 BTC Technically speaking, it’s impossible to destroy bitcoins. But it is possible to send coins to an unspendable address, rendering ...

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