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Don't Waste This Opportunity Of Investing In The Internet Of Money - Do You Really Understand What Is Happening?

So many crypto out there, some big some small, some lol.
Sure, most of them will die as the money moves around. 99% of them will I have no doubt, and whatever money and value in those coins will move to others that remain relevant. Only blockchains with a use case will stay relevant, and of those the winners will be the ones on the right side of law and regulation.
Having lived through the dot com bubble it appears as exactly the same situation is playing out here.
Bitcoin is the Napster of it's time. If you too lived through the bubble you'll know how huge Napster was. It was massive, it was trying to kill off the media empire, believed to be outside of the control of governments, peer to peer decentralization, anonymous, etc, but slowly regulation crept in and over the course of 3 years it crumbled in to a smattering of users going to extreme lengths to hide their identity to avoid detection by the law, but everyone else left and took their media with them.
During that time some alternatives cropped up like Limewire, Kazaa, but they were all trying to do what Napster did with a few twists, but never met Napster's heights.
In the mean time everyone rubbished services that were on the right side of regulations, that worked with governments to provide a viable business model, lo and behold you end up with itunes, Netflix, Spotify... The internet of data has matured with market leaders.
TPB is still here today. Loads of people use it to download content. Is it legal? Who is making money from it? Can you send someone money through The Pirate Bay and torrent sites? Maybe sending someone a movie is saving them money, but are you actually giving them something they can sell legitimately?
Had you bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of shares in Apple, Netflix, Spotify or others when they were mere pennies, money wouldn't be an issue for you today.
That's where we are with XRP. It's regulatory compliant, it's pushing the benefits of blockchain and decentralisation from within the industry, rather than trying to fight it from the outside. Oh it will decentralise finance like hell! Your bank account and financial affairs will be your responsibility in future, not a bank's, no doubt about that.
You can look at it from a philosophical level, from a fundamental level, from experience, or from market movements as in the chart I posted above.
Be smart with your investments, we're right at the point in which blockchain is becoming mainstream. Ripple has the scaleability, the regulatory compliance, the growing adoption, the technology.
Everything is laid out for all to see, and it is as clear as day for those who understand what is happening. Don't waste the opportunity to be an investor of the internet of money, it will never happen again. There aren't many internet's left to be invented.
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